New Policy #1 - Upload Tracking Information

OMG - eBay is going to give some hard time for sellers who do not provide tracking numbers. In order to keep your Top-rated seller status in eBay, users MUST upload tracking information to eBay on at least 90% of your shipments to US buyers within your stated handling time. Start uploading your tracking by May 1 to make sure you qualify on June 20!

New Policy #2 - Min. 14-day Returns & 1-Day Handling 

Starting 1st of June, only listings from Top-rated sellers that include BOTH **1-day handling **_(or same day handling) and _a 14-day or longer return policy with a money-back option will quality for the greatest average boost in Best Match and 20% final value fee discount.

What means by 1-day handling? If an eBay buyer has paid for an item, you will have until 11:59:59 pm Pacific Time the following business day to upload tracking. Weekends and holidays are not counted as business days.

New Policy #3 - Annual Sales Requirement = $3,000 $1000

While the policy of adding tracking numbers kick out a portion of Top-rated sellers, eBay enlarges the pool by lowering the annual sales requirement for Top-rated status from $3,000 to $1,000.  Starting June 1!

Add Tracking Info = Customers win, Sellers lose?

eBay do believe this will do good to both buyers and sellers. Here's the explanation why they are doing this.

“buyers want to know when an item has been shipped and when to expect delivery. It also helps protect you in the event of a buyer dispute about receiving the item.” Well - adding tracking number means additional costs to sellers. This policy impacts directly the previously top-rated sellers who sell real cheap without any tracking information. Will sellers upload the tracking info and transfer those costs to buyers ultimately?

What do eBay Sellers say?

  1. A US eBay seller: eBay recently added free USPS delivery confirmation for domestic USA labels printed online (though it was only .19 through paypal anyway). So it doesn't impact much.
  2. A UK eBay seller#1: This is a ridiculous policy, and let’s pray it doesn’t come to the UK.
  3. A UK eBay seller#2::The UK simply is not geared up for systematic tracking of every package just yet.
  4. A UK eBay seller#3:: No way will my customers pay for ISF (international signed for) so I will lose the US Top Rated Seller status TRS that I have had from day 1.

What if no 1-Day Handling or 14-Day Return Policy?

Will it impact your top-rated status? eBay said No - there is no direct impact on your status. However...

"A 1-day or faster handling time and expedited shipping option will also help you earn automatic 5-star ratings for ship time, and a 14-day or longer return window with money-back option will help you resolve buyer claims that an item was not as described."

What do you think about the new eBay policies for the top rated sellers? Drop us a comment below :)