AfterShip's Shopify app just got approved and received great feedback from our shopify users. Simply install the AfterShip app at the Shopify app store. You can then track all your packages and send out notifications at critical times during the delivery process. Greatly reduce customer enquiries about order status. Support over 85 shipping companies worldwide. Easy to install!

Positive Customer Reviews:

  1. "I recommend this app. I tested and it worked properly to my orders. I got reply to my question quickly. Thank you. "
  2. "Outstanding, This app works great without me having to do anything...The support on this app is great very quick to respond to question , issues and requests." -
  3. "Our customers love being about to keep track of where their package is... cutting down on customer serve inquiries on the status of their order. No brainer, install it." >

Sign up free for unlimited tracking and upgrade to Premium for notification service.