If you sell online, especially on those_** international orders,**_ wonder if you receive _customers asking "where is my order?" often_? You did provide a tracking number and a tracking link in a confirmation email, but still customers keep asking the "stupid" question. _**H****ow do you answer customer's question about delivery status? **_check out below your level of customer service - Bad to Great Customer service.

1. Bad Customer Service

You will ignore the customer email coz you think the package will be delivered anyway.

2. Okay Customer Service

You will send back the tracking number and link, and ask customers to track on their own, and stop bothering you.

3. Good Customer Service

You do more - you track for the customers at the USPS or Fedex website and revert to them the latest delivery status.

4. Great Customer Service

You keep customers posted about the latest delivery status instead of waiting for them to ask you "where is my order?"

So what's your customer service level? Drop us a line below. And love to see how we can help

If you have time, check out the AfterShip service which you can notify your customers when the package is picked up, out for delivery and delivered.