Update on Cloudflare Incident in Feb 2017 - no impact on AfterShip :)

A recent incident with the Cloudflare bug got many big internet contenders riling. Fortunately AfterShip’s users were not affected by this incident.

In recent years, the general public has slowly shifted their perception to almost taking internet privacy and security for granted. Whereas when the idea of internet first came about at the turn of the new century, people were more weary.

Thanks to the advance in technology and general shift in mindset, we are able to roam around more freely without too much fear of leaking our information - given that the right measures are put in place.

However, from time to time we are reminded otherwise. Of the possible dangers of internet and the importance of maintaining good security measures.

Update on Cloudflare Incident in Feb 2017 - no impact on AfterShip :)

A recent bug at Cloudflare got the attention of many.

Cloudflare is a web performance & security company. Recently they discovered a bug (now dubbed the “Cloudbleed”) in their system which leaked users information. For a more detailed account, you may visit Cloudflare’s Blog.

As AfterShip is also a user of Cloudflare’s services, our team was quick to contact their security team, closely monitoring the effects to our users.

We have been informed that AfterShip is not listed in the affected zone and that none of our data is known to be leaked.

Nonetheless, we found it critical to take the necessary safety precautions to secure our users’ data and privacy. If over the past weekend you’ve tried entering your AfterShip web account, you may have noticed you had to re-authenticate (re-login manually).

This was a gesture resulted from our decision to flush our web login sessions. That way, even in the case of an unidentified leakage caused by the Cloudflare bug, our user’s information will still be secured.

As an added precaution, we recommend our users and our readers to reset their passwords on a regular basis. Also check out this article by Tripwire on password hygiene to help keep your information safe!

Update on Cloudflare Incident in Feb 2017 - no impact on AfterShip :)