We are proud to announce the launch of sales pop at Automizely Conversions - an all-in-one sales conversions tool for fast-growing online retailers. If you run a Shopify or Shopify Plus store, this free sales app will get you new customers by collecting more emails!

###### Reasons to choose Automizely sales pops

While there are soooooo many good sales pop up solutions in the market (e.g. Privy, Sales Pop…), Automizely sales pop tool is something fresh to the market which positions it as the best sales popup tool for high-growth brands using Shopify and Shopify Plus.

**Top reasons to use Automizely’s Shopify sales pop tool: **

1. Higher conversion rate - our popup comes with a sticky bar and coupon, upon subscription 
2. Big days, Big offers -  The Black Friday and Christmas Day sale popup will coming up. Let you be the first one to inform customers!
3. Free - you save $10 each month :)
4. Unlimited - we don’t restrict your view count or clicks
5. Super easy settings - it takes just 5 mins to set up a popup
6. Mobile responsive - our popup looks good on mobile too
7. Faster speed - we don’t slow your website unlike some popups
8. Popups that customers like - our popups are more beautiful and less disturbing while your customer’s shop

**For Shopify newbies - why sales pop? **

If you shop online, you shouldn’t be a stranger to popups. The benefits are too obvious:
1. Collect emails for nurturing the sales process
2. Provide incentives and coupon for conversions
3. Create customer loyalty by keeping customers informed about discounts and offers

**Sales Pop Examples **

Top retail brands use popups on their storefronts. Here are some examples of beautiful popups of brands we like, and you can design them easily with Automizely sales pop.




Popup + Sticky Bar = Conversions

Sales popup is an important marketing tool that aims at driving sales and generating new leads by giving offers upon subscriptions.

While most popups will end at showing a coupon code only upon subscription, we realize most customers will forget to copy before closing the browser or even forget they have a coupon when browsing the site. Sending coupons via email is good but you still want to keep customers at the storefront.
With Automizely’s sales pops, we show a stick bar with coupon code after subscription, allowing customers to easily copy coupon when they are shopping until checkout. It is kind of like your mum reminding you of coupon code.

Wondering how it works? It is very simple.

To subscribe, visitors just need to enter their email address.

Once they have subscribed, coupon code will be displayed and they can copy the code from the sticky bar.

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