Product Update: A Brand New API Console Just For You

Companies ship millions of items every single day. They use different couriers, have to deal with different services and they are afraid of one thing:

Is it going to be delivered the right way?

The right way to ship must be cheap, fast, safe, and reliable.

AfterShip was born because of this frustration shared between merchants and customers during the shipping process: where is my package?

That's why we built the only shipment tracking platform able to track 360+ couriers all around the world.

Shipment tracking is now playing a huge part in the post-purchase experience. Customers track their packages. They want to know where it is, and when is it going to be delivered.

Now more than ever, businesses need to retain their customers. It's cheaper and it brings more revenue. Simple math.

That's why we are trying to change the post-purchase experience of online buyers along with thousands of online merchants who chose us to track their shipments.

We want to enable companies of any size to have the best post-purchase experience there is, for a very reasonable pricing—0.10 cents (US$) per tracking number imported.

Our [pricing](" target="_blank) philosophy is simple. You pay as you go. And we grow as you grow.

To do that, you need the right tools and the right first impression.

For any developers out there who's working on making shipping better, we are releasing a new way to interact with our shipment tracking API.

Product Update: A Brand New API Console Just For You

But wait. What is an API you might wonder? Good question. We're here to answer this.

An API, by definition is:

A particular set of rules ('code') and specifications that software programs can follow to communicate with each other. It serves as an interface between different software programs and facilitates their interaction, similar to the way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers.

It stands for Application Programming Interface.

With our AfterShip API, you can perform certain actions like:

Why does this new [API Console](" target=_"blank) matter?
A better onboarding experience

Just hit the 'Run in Postman' button and you get to see what is the AfterShip API all about. Before, it took much more time. We're not kidding.

Just click on the 'Run in Postman' below:
Product Update: A Brand New API Console Just For You

Better communication within your team

Imagine you are a product manager or a CEO and you've heard about AfterShip API. You want to try it, yet your developer is busy. All you need then is go to our API Console, make sure you have Postman app, and try the different endpoints.

You can use Postman as a Chrome app, a Mac app, or even with a web view.

Save you time when trying our API

It's hard to fight good old habits. The thing is when you start using Postman as a developer, you get used to it. The flow, the user experience, you know where to change the header and all those details.

We chose Postman because we know you will want to try our API along with other collections of APIs you've been working with.

Product Update: A Brand New API Console Just For You

We hope you enjoy using our [new API Console](" target="_blank), and start playing around with the AfterShip API for free.

Postman is a powerful collaborative testing and development suite for APIs. Interested? [You should check it out](" target="_blank).