Launching Integrately - easiest way to integrate with shopping carts and marketplaces

Today, we are launching a new product called Integrately that helps businesses to integrate with any shopping carts and marketplaces in one API.

At AfterShip, our teams have to integrate with many marketplaces, shopping carts and eCommerce platforms. Applications have different integration methods, documentations, data structures, and uses different programming langauges. Not only there are new apps launching every moment, and we also need to update integration often due to new API version or special handling (e.g. high-volume users).

With more products coming in our pipeline, we end up adding new features to the integration - for example, previously we do not need to retrieve product information and later it is required for our new product Returns Center.

With increasing internal demand, and also other eCommerce startups requesting how to build integration, we decided to make our app connection as a product and branded as Integrately. The product is still in beta, so feel free to reach out if you have any thoughts.