Looking for the package tracking API of couriers for your online store or supply chain system? AfterShip has an easy solution for you. With AfterShip API, your system can connect with the tracking systems of UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS and 40+ carriers / postal services - getting the latest delivery status and sending out delivery updates to buyers and sellers. TechCrunch says AfterShip "Gives Amazon-Style Post-Sale Powers To Any Online Merchant" - to learn why? Read more the benefits of using AfterShip API.

1 - Amazon-Style Post-Sale Powers

By using the AfterShip API, you allow your customer to track like Amazon - showing the delivery status directly at your site. Not only provide a better after-shipping experience, you also makes your customer return to YOUR site for tracking instead at UPS  or Fedex.

2 - Monitor Shipment Problem

How do you know if any shipment has an exception? The sooner you know the exception, the earlier you can take action to avoid shipment sending back or even make claims to your courier. AfterShip will actively track ALL your shipments from your multiple sales channels regardless which courier you use.

3 - White-label Notifications

By actively notify your customers delivery status, you can further engage with customers after shipping; through notification of "Out for Delivery" or "Failed Delivery Attempt", you can reduce the rate of retuned shipments - which in turn save your money.  Learn more about AfterShip notifications.

Over 400K notifications (300K last month) are already sent to online shoppers - your customers deserve a better customer service after shipping! To start using AfterShip API, simply sign up free and upgrade to Premium to get the API key.