We know no ones like spam emails, that's why AfterShip chooses a credible email service provider Mandrill to help 2000+ users to send out over **400K delivery notifications with a high open rate of 42%. **With our white-label service, users can select the email address they prefer to send out notifications, so that your customers know that the emails come from you. In this post, I will share with you what steps we have taken and you can take to avoid your emails being considered as Spam.

1. AfterShip uses Mandrill

ManDrill is a transactional email service provider under MailChimp, which got over 20K users within 7 months since launched in 2012. Mandrill automatically adds authentication to all messages sent through their servers, which help avoid spam filters.

2. Personalized Notification

**AfterShip allows user to send out notifications from the email address they choose, and you can customize the HTML email to a more personalized message so that customers do not feel being spammed. Make sure you insert the customer name, put your store name, URL or even logo in the notification.

3. Remove "On Behalf of" or "via" **

When receiving AfterShip notifications, the wordings "On behalf of ...." or "via..." mandrillapp.com may appear at the sender email address. You can easily remove that by adding DNS records (SPF and DKIM records) to your domain through your hosting provider, domain registrar or DNS provider - this will authorize Mandrill to send on your behalf. To learn more, please read this article from Mandrill.

If you have any concerns about spams when sending out shipping notifications, feel free to contact me at andrew@aftership.com. And if you have other tips to avoid spam filters, drop a comment below and share with our readers.