Shogun is a landing page builder app for Shopify. This week, Shogun crossed 1000 reviews in the Shopify App Store. Every single review at the time of writing is positive.

Screen shot of Shogun's Shopify Reviews from the Shopify App Store.

It took almost 3 years to get here, and it has been a lot of hard work. You might wonder how we have managed to keep our review record so clean. The secret is great customer service (more on that below). Here’s how our review count grew over time:


Area chart showing Shogun's cumulative reviews over time

Shogun Shopify Reviews over time

I was curious to know if other apps have managed to achieve a similar record in the Shopify App Store, so I scraped all of the reviews and ran some queries. It’s possible to see when each review was posted, along with the score, text, and some other metadata. This gives us a reviews table with these columns:

Column Name Column Type
posted_at datetime
score integer
store_id integer
app_id integer
text text

It turns out Shogun is the only app in Shopify’s history to reach 1000 reviews with no reviews less than 4 stars (SQL).

There are 2 other apps that made it to over 1000 with no reviews less than 3 stars (SQL).

There are 6 other apps that made it to over 500 reviews with no review less than 3 stars (SQL).

On average, apps with over 100 reviews and any review less than 3 stars pick up a bad review after 86.5 reviews (N=346, SQL).


Here’s how we did it


Beyond having a great product, here are the ways we’ve maximized our Shopify App Store reviews.


Have a great Customer Service strategy


I would be lying if I said we’ve never had bad reviews. We’ve had a few, and the trick is that we have reached out to every single customer who left us a negative review. When stores sign up for our app through Shopify, they become our customers and we gain access to their contact information.

When a customer leaves a bad review, we call them immediately. In many cases, they get a call less than a minute after leaving us a review. They’re usually surprised, sometimes apologetic, and other times annoyed. We listen and work with them to try and solve their issues. Here’s our step-by-step process for resolving negative review issues:

  1. Call the customer immediately
  2. Listen and don’t get defensive or ask them to change the review right away
  3. If they don’t pick up, leave a message
  4. Send a follow up email mentioning that you called them and will follow up again, or recapping your call and the items you will follow up on
  5. Apologize, let them know their feedback is valued
  6. Do whatever it takes to fix their problem
  7. If you can’t resolve the issue, always offer a refund
  8. Be persistent until resolution is reached


Control the quality of reviews


Our support team asks for reviews only if they sense that the customer is having a positive experience. We also utilize canned responses/snippets to increase efficiency here.

In email review campaigns, we always provide an outlet for a bad experience, by including language asking the customer to let us know if we’re not 5 stars for any reason.

We have a review widget in our app, and push any customer who leaves a 4 or 5 star review towards the App Store, and any reviews lower than this to customer support.

Generally speaking, we only ask for reviews from customers that have been using Shogun for some time. Some apps ask every customer for a review as part of their onboarding flows, and they end up with lower quality reviews.


And that’s all there is to it! If you want to experience our great customer service first hand, give us a try at Here’s to the next 1k positive reviews!


Some other interesting facts about Shopify App Store reviews


Review Scores


  • There are over 255k reviews in the Shopify App Store
  • Almost 94% of reviews on the Shopify App Store are 4 or 5 star
  • The average score of all reviews is 4.73
  • The median score of all reviews is 5


Shopify App Store review distribution

Percentage of reviews by score


Review Lengths


  • Reviews have a minimum length of 30 characters
  • Reviews have an average length of 147.8 characters
  • Reviews have a median length of 83 characters
  • Shogun reviews have an average length of 233.8 characters
  • Shogun reviews have a median length of 158 characters


Line graph showing length of reviews vs count of reviews that length.

Count of reviews by length where length is less than or equal to 300


App Reviews


  • Apps have an average of 116 reviews
  • Apps have a median of 11 reviews
  • There are 356 apps with over 100 reviews
  • There are 107 apps with over 500 reviews
  • There are 50 apps with over 1000 reviews



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