If you shop online often, package tracking app should be on your top list of iPhone apps. Other than the official carrier app from USPS, UPS or FedEx, you probably need a universal package tracking app as online stores use various carriers to ship your order. In this post, I will recommend you 3 best package tracking apps that help you find out where your order is easily on iPhone.

Slice - Download free

Slice app (previously called "goslice") helps you manage your order history on top of package tracking. Slice just raised a series B of $29M from Rakuten and others.

Slice package tracking iphone app

Review on Slice iPhone App

Slice allows your to connect gmail / yahoo mail to import tracking numbers - it automatically recognizes major online stores in US, and support 9 key US carriers: FedEx, USPS, UPS, UPS Mail Innovations, DHL, OnTrac, Ensenda, Lasership, and Prestige. The free app also comes with notifications for shipped, out for delivery, delivered. The app also auto detects carriers quite correctly, and you can access your account through slice.com. It automatically links your online purchase record with the shipment so you know what's inside the shipment.

If you are just looking for a simple UI for tracking a shipment, this is probably a bit too heavy as it will dig out some non-physical orders that do not have any tracking numbers. And if you are not from US or shop from an non-US stores, this app may not support the tracking numbers.

Parcel - Download free

Parcel app is a tracking app with a clean UI that tracks shipments of 180 carriers.

Parcel package tracking iphone app

Review on Parcel iPhone app

I really like the simple design of Parcel app - it does the job of tracking (also auto detect the carrier)and is ideal for one who is not based in US and receive shipments from all over the world. The free version only support tracking 3 shipments without notification service. Just make an in-app purchase for $1.99 per year for more shipments with notification support, and access through the web portal. I think the price is really reasonable.

One thing to improve is the auto detect function - as I input a USPS tracking number, it is recognized as UPS.

Deliveries - Download ($4.99)

Deliveries, delivered by JuneCloud, is a paid tracking app designed for iphone, ipad, mac and web, supporting 30 carriers and also 9 different languages.

Deliveries package tracking iphone app

Review on Deliveries iPhone App

The most attractive point to use Deliveries (or Delivery Status) is their consistent experience at different Apple devices or even web. You can use the same login to view the imported tracking numbers at iPhone, iPad, mac and web. If the shipment is going to be delivered in five days, you will see a big "5" for that tracking number - but do note that not many carrier provide the expected delivery dates.

The interface itself is clean but unlike Slice or Parcel, Deliveries only pull the latest checkpoint - for the detailed tracking history, they will lead you to the carrier website for tracking. No notification services are supported on iPhone.

Slice, Parcel or Deliveries

I will pick Parcel as they support 180 carriers and I like something simple and easy to use. I dont mind to pay $1.99 per year for notificiations and more shipments.

AfterShip iPhone app?

You probably wonder why AfterShip does not have a mobile app - it is not because we do not want to, but we have some higher priority to build our web version to serve our merchant users.

What's your views? And do you have other recommendations on Package tracking iPhone apps? What's your choice - Slice, Parcel or Deliveries? Drop us a line and love to hear from you.