AfterShip For iOS Got A New Design

We are excited to share with you more details about our recent redesign of [our iOS app](" target="_blank).

Late last year, we decided to refresh the design of our mobile app—a first since 2014—and we started with [Android](/aftership-for-android-new-design/" target="_blank).

Since its initial launch, the overall design of AfterShip mobile app had not changed. We wanted to keep the overall branding and feeling of AfterShip while still refreshing it.


With the same spirit we had for our Android app update, we wanted to:

  • update the outdated look
  • update the app to support new features coming in this year
  • make it consistent with our Android app
  • enhance UI design with more emphasis on major users expectation: know when and where your shipment is
All new design

Once you open your new version of AfterShip for iOS, you will notice a change.

In the 'Main View' of your app, we merged—at last—the 'Current' and 'Past' section. We've added as well two pieces of information that were missing before:

  • the ‘expected date’ countdown so you know when your shipment is arriving according to the courier
  • the courier logo to make it easier for you to identify your packages and get the information quicker

AfterShip For iOS Got A New Design

We also added a blue indicator so you know right away which shipments were updated or not.

Among the other features.

We also upgraded the 'Detail View'. Now, there is a ‘Show more’ feature to display all the checkpoint statuses. We also removed the 'More info' page as we thought it was unnecessary for our users.

AfterShip For iOS Got A New Design

UI improvements

UI, or user interface is the means by which the user and a computer system interact, in particular the use of input devices and software.

We improved the UI of AfterShip for iOS to improve your experience when you track your shipments with us.

New indicator: know where and when your shipment arrive

One of the biggest challenge—we already mentioned about it [here](/aftership-for-android-new-design/" target="_blank)—was to fit all the relevant shipping information on such a small screen.

When you track your shipment, you need to know its status (whether in transit, out for delivery, etc.), the courier is in charge, when it arrives but also if the status changed over time.

That's the reason why we display a new indicator to share with you this information, all in one screen.

The other UI improvements involve a better copy to clipboard feature as we display more information when you copy / paste a tracking number.

You can also now multiple delete / mark as delivered your shipments and you can swipe left to delete / mark as delivered.


Last but not least, we've made it simpler for you to control your notifications. From now on, you can select at which status you want to receive a notification.

Only want to be notified when your package has a failed delivery? You can select so!


Figures show that our app is getting more and more popular. We're soon hitting one million downloads!

Your support helps us improve the app in the long run, and we hope you will enjoy this new design for iOS.

Get [AfterShip for iOS here](" target="_blank)