Updates to AfterShip API and Webhook (May 2020)

AfterShip team is excited to announce the launch of a few API and Webhook updates on 26 May 2020

‍♀️ What are the updates?

Customers can modify the delivery instructions (delivery date or address) by visiting the link if supported by a carrier.

Advantage: The new field offers enhanced flexibility to your customers as they can change the delivery address for parcels by visiting the link.

2. New API endpoint: mark_as_completed

With the new API endpoint, you can mark a shipment as delivered, lost, or returned to the sender. The shipment won’t be updated until tracked again.

Advantages:Improved management of shipments and enhanced control over shipment status.

3. New subtag: Shipment lost

Efficiently handle lost parcels using subtag code Exception_013.Also, the status of shipments can be changed manually using the mark_as_completed API endpoint.

Advantages:It offers enhanced shipment status visibility and improved handling of cases where shipments are lost.

Refer to the updated API and Webhook documentation for assistance. Should you have any questions, feel free to write to us at support@aftership.com.