Updates of AfterShip Node.js SDK

We just released the latest version of AfterShip's Node.js SDKas Node.js version 8 has been deprecated officially. The latest Node.js SDK is now compatible with Node.js version 10 and above.

A Software Development Kit (SDK) consists of  multiple libraries and other programming tools that simplify the development process.

SDK update introduces…

  • TypeScript: smoothen the development process with type checking
  • IntelliSense support: assistance in code completion with active hints
  • Isomorphic module: use SDK for both front and back end to deliver a better user experience
  • Promise: according to JavaScript Standards, SDK now returns Promise instead of passing callbacks to a function

These changes help to...

  • Deliver rich and fast browsing experience to users
  • Reduce overall code complexity and development time
  • Create a more intuitive interface that assists in coding

For more information, refer to the API documentation.