Have you experienced UPS or Fedex leaving packages at your front door? In this post I am going to share with you some unlucky yet common cases that packages get stolen as it is left unattended or broken as the delivery man throws at the front door. Love it or hate it? Tell us.

1. Stealing Packages at Front Door

People worry if the package may be stolen when it is just left at front door. When leaving the package unattended (especially when you're not at home), anyone can steal it easily from your front door and also resell it for a big profit. Here're some concerns from the internet users.

Video about "UPS Package Thief":

'The customer had ordered some packages from an on-line retailer. The UPS tracking service listed the items as delivered. He knew, however, that he had never received the packages'....'Within ten minutes of the UPS delivery, the camera captured a lady stealing them right off of their front porch.'

### 2\. Throwing Packages at Front Door

If you think it is okay to leave** throw packages at your front door**, check out these 2 videos:

  1. Fedex guy threw a computer monitor and it was broken - 8.5 Million views now The story went viral and was reported by the main stream media. The funniest part? Video description:'...I was home at the time with the front door wide open. All he would have had to do was ring the bell on the gate.Now I have to return my monitor since it is broken.' Poor him.
1. Just to be fair - ***UPS throws at front door as well***. This time they threw a new hard disk. That delivery man is probably a good basketball player. I thought it only happened during the peak season like Christmas, but it seems to happen often these days. Find this **tweet about UPS delivery man throwing his package at front door**. I think all couriers should take this serious, otherwise, it will just go viral again.

3. Waiting for Package to be Dropped at Front Door

For those who do not want package to get stolen or wanna know as soon as the package is delivered? Keep refreshing the site to track and check the front door repeatedly...hoping the package is delivered.

4. Solution - Track and Get Notified

Can't really help if the delivery man throwing packages but hopefully it will get improved over time. To avoid packages getting stolen and keep waiting for the package (especially when you're not at home). By Signing up AfterShip free, you can *** keep track of the latest delivery status from time to time*** and upgrade to premium for notification service to receive email when the package is out for delivery, failed attempt, delivered or exceptions occur.