Why we have the meet up?

This is our 5th meet up since 2015.

In case you miss our previous sharing, you can get the slide here:

Date Topic Co-organize
2015-05-09 Deploy MongoDB ReplicaSet in AWS Mongodb
2015-06-27 How to save 70% of AWS EC2 cost AWS HK
2015-08-22 Stream billions of data to Google Big Query Redso
2015-10-20 Processed billions of job by using Beanstalkd Hong Kong JS
2015-12-12 5 SaaS tools for developers to improve coding
Simplify API endpoint using GraphQL
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AfterShip believe that sharing can make the world better. That's why we open source our projects if possible, such as phone, bigquery-streamer, @aftership/rate-limiter

We would like to talk to the people face to face, let the audiences to ask the questions directly.

That's why we decided to host a tech sharing meet up once per month, each time with another startup whose like us, willing to share and contribute to the community.

12th Dec, 2015 2pm @ GoGoVan Office

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Come to meet us at GoGoVan office.
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We join forces to have a tech sharing session at GoGoVan Headquarter. AfterShip will talk about 5 SaaS tools for developers to improve coding, and GoGoVan will share how they simplify API endpoint using GraphQL.

We welcome all developers and other startups to join.