Great news! If you are using AfterShip API or CSV upload, you can now add unlimited custom fields to your AfterShip account. With custom fields, you can further personalize the delivery notifications and for reporting purpose. A great example is to add "order description" and "product category" to the shipment. Read more to learn how to add custom fields in AfterShip.

To add custom fields, please follow the following steps:

  1. Create a new custom field (merge tag) at, e.g. TRACKING_URL
  2. Customize notification message by inserting the merge tag of the new custom field, e.g. *|TRACKING_URL|*
  3. Pass the custom field information through AfterShip API or through CSV Upload (For CSV upload, simply add a new column in the CSV example and use the new custom field as the header)

Important Note: Please leave no space and use underscore _ instead when creating a new custom field