Maximize Customer Retention by Turning “Refunds” into "Exchange for Anything"

If you are in the eCommerce industry, you would know that not only are the ‘refunds’ expensive, they make you lose lifelong potential customers.

So, is there an escape?

Yes, there is.

You can not only retain your revenue but also delight your customers and compel them to keep coming back by encouraging them to exchange an unwanted product with any other product in your catalog with an experience that feels like shopping.

Introducing ‘Exchange for anything’

Managing returns leads to significant losses, which come in different forms - capital, effort,and time. But the most important loss that can hurt your eCommerce business in the long run is - Customer loyalty.

To save you the trouble, AfterShip Returns Center released a new feature to let our merchants offer the exchange option to their customers in order to reduce the rate of returns significantly.

How does this new feature work in your favour?

There are numerous ways in which the feature can benefit your business. Let’s unravel them one by one -

  • Turn lost revenue into new sales with one click exchanges
  • Get more positive feedback and reviews from your customers
  • More satisfied customers lead to more sales and revenue through referrals
  • Let your customers build a long term love affair with your brand and products
  • Drive customer retention and customer loyalty by turning refunds into exchanges

Want to enjoy the power of exchanges? Just login to your AfterShip Returns Center account and follow these simple steps mentioned below -

Steps to enable this feature

Maximize Customer Retention by Turning “Refunds” into "Exchange for Anything"
  • Now you need to tick the checkbox with the ‘Exchange for other items’ option available under the 'Exchange Resolution' section
  • A popup will emerge to let you set extra credit and guide your customers regarding the exchange option. Click on the ‘Set extra credit’ button
Maximize Customer Retention by Turning “Refunds” into "Exchange for Anything"
  • Set the extra credit type from the given options (‘Fixed amount’ and ‘Percentage’) as per your convenience
  • Change the status to ‘Enabled’
  • Hit the save button

Congratulations! You are ready to reduce your return costs by giving your customers the exchange option

Note: It is crucial to note that currently, the feature is available only for Pro and Enterprise plan users.

For more information on the feature or how to use it, feel free to check our help article here. In case you need any other help, reach out to our customer support 24/7.