2019 was a busy and exciting year for Out of the Sandbox — and illustrated our continued dedication to providing the best premium Shopify themes and support in the industry.

Here's a quick look back at the year that was:

  • In May 2019, Mobilia, of our classic but still popular Shopify themes, got an update to Version 6. The update included the addition of new styles, megamenus, a FAQ template and more.
  • June saw Shopify's annual Unite conference, which included several key announcements that affect Shopify themes and other parts of the platform.
  • In August, Out of the Sandbox launched the Flex Shopify theme. This theme, which has been years in the making, became our second theme to be exclusively available on the Out of the Sandbox website. Flex has been designed with the goal of giving store owners and developers alike the most flexibility to create advanced Shopify store designs.
  • The next month, Out of the Sandbox released Version 1.1 of Flex. This update included the addition of predictive search, multitag, new options for slideshow sections and many other features.
  • Come October, Out of the Sandbox merged its affiliate program with Pixel Union's, making it possible to earn commissions from both Shopify theme providers using the same account.
  • In November, just before BFCM, Out of the Sandbox released Version 5.0 of the Turbo Shopify theme. This addition added a new style, Tennessee, as well as adding new features including options for mobile banner text positioning, displaying cart savings on products and entire order and new settings for showing sold out product pricing.
  • Throughout the year, we also released multiple, minor updates to all of our themes that added new features, tweaked the design and made other adjustments to improve the performance and security of our themes.

Out of the Sandbox had an outstanding 2019 and we can't wait to see what 2020 will bring to the world of Shopify and Shopify themes. 

We already know there are some exciting changes coming down the pipe from Shopify that will make designing the perfect store even easier — and we're looking forward to making all that possible across all of our themes as soon as possible.