The question comes into my mind when we ask ourselves how important should an online store allow customers to track within the site. How frequent do people track a shipment? UPS suggests 2.42 times per shipment based on their 2012 fact sheet.

  • Daily delivery volume =16.3 million packages &  documents
  • Online tracking Average = 39.5 million daily tracking requests

Let's do some simple Maths. Assume your online store:

  • Monthly sales =  **5,000 orders / shipments  **from 5,000 customers
  • Monthly Tracking volume = **12,100 times (2.42 per order)

If your store provides an easy way for customer to track a shipment within your website, you can turn tracking shipment into an opportunity to make customers return for cross-selling. i.e. 12,1000 extra visits per month.

AfterShip API helps online store to show delivery status within store, customers do not even need to input a tracking number! Alternatively, we also launched a FREE tracking widget for online shop with basic technical support.

Demo store - Go to "Order History" after login**

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