How is AfterShip Optimizing the Order Tracking Process for Shoplazza’s Merchants & Their Customers?

As the competition in the ecommerce space is getting intense every year, there is no second thought in the fact that “Customer is King.” and while there are dozens of factors contributing towards the success or failure of a business, customer satisfaction is one of the most important.

One thing that differentiates great businesses from good ones is not just to attract customers but to retain them.

Talking about the most critical challenges in the ecommerce industry, effective order tracking remains the top concern for both merchants and customers. The challenges only got worse with the COVID-19 pandemic making global shipping and timely tracking a nightmare. Shoplazza was facing similar challenges with its merchants who wished to track every shipment on their platform in detail and on time.

About Shoplazza

Shoplazza is a renowned player in the ecommerce space, with more than 36 million shipments being delivered by hundreds of carriers globally every year. It is an enterprise-level SaaS platform for ecommerce which empowers online stores to go global and significantly expand their horizons in cross-border sales. Shoplazza has won the hearts of its merchants with its responsiveness towards a broad spectrum of their specific needs coupled with low barriers to entry in ecommerce. Commencing its journey in 2017, the ecommerce giant has soon become the global DTC partner of thousands of established brands across the globe.

About AfterShip

Aftership is a leading shipment tracking solution tailor-made for online retailers to track and trace their online orders right from inception to fulfillment at a single place. It strives to deliver an unparalleled post-purchase tracking experience to the customers by offering seamless tracking of shipments with a branded tracking page and notifying shoppers about the delivery updates. AfterShip has deeply analyzed the key pain points of ecommerce, such as dealing with multiple carriers, which is very time-consuming and complicated. It not only connects merchants with 800+ carriers but also standardizes the layout of tracking results received from different carriers.

What were the challenges Shoplazza was facing?

Like any other ecommerce platform, providing in-depth and up-to-date information for each shipment on time was a real challenge for Shoplazza. Merchants at Shoplazza wished to keep their customers informed at all times regarding all their deliveries and proactively manage any delays in transit. Most of the time, users were clueless regarding the status of their orders as the information was not up-to-date for several trackable shipments.

Why did Shoplazz choose to partner with AfterShip?

Shoplazza was actively looking for a reliable partner who can empower their merchants’ ecommerce business and help them provide the best post-purchase experience to their customers. It compared AfterShip against some of the other leading shipment tracking service providers and was happy to partner with AfterShip for its proven track record and positive customer feedback.

With the partnership, which effectively begins in July 2021, Shoplazza is looking to leverage AfterShip’s tracking API to get valuable tracking metrics, including the implementation of some of the key features, including delivery notice and delivery rate statistics.

How is AfterShip planning to streamline the post-purchase experience of Shoplazza merchants?

AfterShip is poised to solve the industry-wide challenge of timely tracking shipments for Shoplazza merchants and their users. In order to provide a frictionless shopping experience, AfterShip will look to provide transparent and up-to-date information regarding all the shipments on time to reduce WISMO tickets and unexpected delays in shipping updates significantly.

AfterShip’s API will help Shoplazza merchants measure the overall shipping performance of millions of transactions every month. In fact, Shoplazza was satisfied with the positive results produced by AfterShip during beta testing. The results indicated a significant reduction in order cancellations, customer complaints, and an increase in overall customer satisfaction.