2019 was another banner year for Out of the Sandbox. Here's a quick look back at how it all unfolded on our blog, with a list of our top read posts.

Creating landing pages with your Shopify theme

This blog post shows how to use your Shopify theme to build great landing pages, including tips on how to use them in combination with a variety of digital marketing strategies. 

Just in time for BFCM, the Turbo Shopify theme gets upgraded to version 5

Not surprisingly, the blog post announcing the milestone version 5.0 of our popular Shopify theme Turbo garnered significant attention when it was published. The post covers all the great new features and updates in this high performance Shopify theme.

Why your Shopify store might go down — and what to do when it happens

Technology being technology means that Shopify will inevitably go down or have technical glitches — although it's something Shopify tries to avoid as much as possible. This blog post covers why, exactly, even a robust platform such as Shopify can go down, how to verify there is an issue and what you can do when it does, unfortunately, happen.

How to pick the best Shopify theme using this handy theme comparison chart

Deciding which Shopify theme to buy is always challenging — and it's one of the most common questions we get here at Out of the Sandbox. This blog post spotlights our Shopify theme comparison guide and how to use it to make a decision on what Shopify theme is best for your store.

The mystery of canonical tags and Shopify themes

As a Shopify store owner you have the advantage of having so called canonical tags built into the latest version of most quality Shopify themes. But what is this tag and what is the number one misconception about it? Here's our overview of this feature and how it affects your SEO strategy

Every Shopify store should have these pages

We all know that product pages are important — but there's also another series of pages that every Shopify store owner should make sure they have on their online store. This article covers this how to build effective versions of these pages for store.

Why the Shopify checkout is the way it is

We also know that, except for Shopify Plus clients, the Shopify checkout is pretty much locked down except for changing a few key settings. However, there are some good reasons for this — and they all are designed to help your store. 

How using internal links in your Shopify store can boost UX and SEO

This blog post covers the how to use internal linking on your Shopify theme to both increase SEO and improve your user experience.