Facebook recently rolled out Canvas and you'd be silly not to try it

We are always hunting for new tools. Tools to help eCommerce entrepreneurs make a difference. Advertising your store is key to drive traffic but also target the right customers.

The ones who will most likely buy from you. And Facebook might have built the best tools to target new audience by age, gender, and interest.


It's easy to understand how. We are almost all on Facebook with our personal profiles. We are eager to share special moments with our friends. We comment, like, share articles. We now react to what's appearing on our newsfeed.

All the things we do, all the interactions we have, Facebook digest them. They then compile this information and 'sell' it to marketers who create the right ads tailored to the right audience. Or at least try.

They have the data. They control it. And they kind of sell it with ads.

Recently, Facebook launched a new type of ad you will love using. Or at least trying. Everybody wants to advertise like Coca-Cola or Burberry. Today you can with [Canvas](https://canvas.facebook.com/" target="_blank).

Canvas by Facebook is like "Instant ads" according to [Techcrunch](http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/20/instant-ads/" target="_blank).

These were the first impressions we had when we started playing with it:

  • beautiful - you can use carousel, videos to create relevant storytelling
  • super fast to load - to display the ad, only a click is necessary
  • immersive - the ad stays in your feed, it's designed for mobile

Is there a better way to introduce your brand to a new audience that never heard of you?

You should use Canvas now. It’s new and as with everything new, it’s cool and trendy. Soon enough, many other eCommerce entrepreneurs like you will start using it. There won't be any surprise effect. Because marketers ruin everything according to [Gary Vaynerchuk](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML_ec6XRYQA" target="_blank)

You can start playing around with it when you connect to your [Power Editor](https://www.facebook.com/business/help/162528860609436" target="_blank).

Here's Canvas in action:

Not sure how to try Canvas? Jon Loomer - probably one of the smartest guy out there when it comes to Facebook Marketing - has already published a well-detailed article on how to create your first canvas. [Check it out](http://www.jonloomer.com/2016/02/26/facebook-canvas/" target="_blank).

Ready to go?

When it comes to advertising, it’s funny to look at how Facebook evolved with time. From simple flyers to powerful videos, Facebook built one of the biggest marketplace for ads.

Head over to our [Facebook Page](http://www.facebook.com/aftership" target="_blank), and tell us: Are you considering Canvas for your next Facebook Marketing Campaign? Have you tried Facebook Canvas before?