Expedite the returns process with the new automation rules

No one likes ecommerce returns!

Neither the customer, who is already unsatisfied with the product and looking for a quick refund or the merchant who has to deal with hours of manual tasks, endless queries from a frustrated customer, and loss in revenue.

Looking for a viable solution?

You need to automate your returns process.

Introducing “Shipment Received” and “Auto-refund” automation rules?

Manually handling the ecommerce returns is not only monotonous but also involves a risk of manual errors. AfterShip Returns Center introduced new automation rules - “Shipment Received” and “Auto-refund” to help you automate the monotonous tasks and smoothen the returns process for both merchants and end-customers.

Relish a fast & easy return process with new automation rules

Here are some of the key perks that come along with our new automation rules -

  • Enjoy Hassle-free returns with automated refund management
  • Get more happy customers with built-in eCommerce returns automation
  • Auto-update status to "Shipment received" based on shipment tracking
  • Save time by automating your returns process without giving up control
  • Delight your customers with a fast and smooth return process

As you are now very well aware of the importance of automation in the ecommerce returns, let’s take a look at the process for setting up these automation rules on AfterShip Returns Center.

How to enable the Shipment Received and Auto Refund automation rules?

Expedite the returns process with the new automation rules
  • You will get two options - ‘Update status as shipment received’ and ‘Auto-refund
  • Enable both the automation rules to automate your returns process

Congratulations! You are all set to expedite your returns process with smart automation rules.

Note: The Auto-refund feature is under the testing phase and will be accessible to all very soon.

Additionally, the Auto-refund feature will work only if you have selected “Refund to original payment method” in your AfterShip Returns Center account. And, the refund amount would not include the shipping fee levied on the customer.

For more information on how to set up the automation rules and manage them, feel free to refer to our help article.

So leverage the newly introduced automation rules at your earliest convenience and automate your ecommerce returns the smart way.