Enhance Customer Experience With AfterShip’s New Email Editor

Striving to increase customer engagement is imperative, especially for e-commerce businesses, because it not only helps you build a strong brand image but also leads to better sales growth. With AfterShip’s new email editor, you can create eye-catching emails quickly and effortlessly. Compelling emails strengthen your bond with customers and also result in positive WOMM (word-of-mouth marketing).

According to recent industry reports,91% of shoppers like to hear from brands that they do business with via emails.

Top 5 benefits of using AfterShip’s new email editor

  • High brand equity: Add your brand feel to emails by using preferred images, colors, fonts, CTA (call to action) buttons, and much more.
  • Delightful post-sales experience: Set customers’ minds at ease with emails containing information related to shipment items, product images, and price details.
  • Effortless upselling:Include images and links of your best products to urge customers to buy more from your store.
  • Super easy customization:Personalize your emails in just a few clicks and save a significant amount of time. No coding knowledge is required 🤘
  • Mobile-friendly emails: Avoid the hassle of creating separate emails for mobile users, as AfterShip lets you check how your email content will appear for both website and mobile users. Just verify your email content and hit the ‘Save’ button to create a template successfully.  

Here’s how a customized email looks:

Enhance Customer Experience With AfterShip’s New Email Editor

Where can I find AfterShip’s New Email Editor?

Just follow these simple steps to enjoy AfterShip’s email editor:

  • Login to your AfterShip account and then click on the ‘Notifications’ tab
  • Tap on ‘Edit’ placed under the “Content and events”section to change the email template of any tracking event
  • Hit the ‘Switch to drag-and-drop email editor’ button and create your email template by entering required details in the ‘Settings,’ ‘Content,’ and ‘Styles’ tabs
  • Verify your email content before clicking on the ‘Save’ button to finish the process
Enhance Customer Experience With AfterShip’s New Email Editor

For any help, please make use of our Help Center :)

Start using AfterShip’s email editor now!