Build Lasting Customer Relations With Multilingual Email Notifications

If you want to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers, you must consider interacting with them in their native language.

Customers across the globe prefer communicating in their native tone. Going by the facts, around 50% of the countries which fall under the top 10 in terms of downloads and revenue in the iOS App Store don’t speak English. That shows the importance of localized targeting or interacting with your customers in their local language.

Having said that, AfterShip recently added yet another cool weapon in its arsenal that would bring your customers even more closer to your brand. AfterShip now allows you to send multilingual email notifications to interact with your customers located all across the globe.

Isn’t that amazing?

Why do you need multilingual customer support

Here are a few key reasons why interacting with customers in their native language is paramount -

  • Access to a wider market -Localisation is key to global marketing. If you are looking to tap into that pool of cross-border markets and showcase your products to a wider audience, you should consider leveraging multilingual interaction.
  • Increase Sales -According to a report released by the Common Sense Advisory, 74% of the customers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that engages or offers support in their native language.
  • Gain Competitive Edge -A language barrier between your company and your potential customers can negatively affect your conversions. Imagine a situation where two different companies are selling similar products having the same price. One company deals in a language that is native to the customer, and the other doesn't. Who do you think has a competitive edge? You got the answer.
  • Build Trust -Brand loyalty and customer trust are the pillars of laying a strong foundation for sustained business growth. Offering multilingual customer support builds brand loyalty and helps you earn customers who are likely to purchase from you again and again.
  • Avoid Miscommunication -Generally, people reach out to customer support when either they are in a state of uncertainty or when things don’t go their way. In this state of mind, miscommunication may result in bad reviews and loss of customers. If you communicate in their native language, your customers are much more likely to be receptive and understanding.

How to set multiple languages for email notifications?

Here is a simple video to help you set up your preferred languages in your AfterShip account for email notifications in no time.

Build Lasting Customer Relations With Multilingual Email Notifications
Configure multilingual email notifications

Feel free to refer to the help article for more information.

AfterShip will auto-send multilingual emails to your customers based on the order language. In simple words, a customer whose order language is in Chinese will get email notifications in Chinese, and the one in Arabic will get notified in Arabic.

In case the order language doesn’t match any languages present in the list, it will send notifications in your default language.

This feature is available in all the AfterShip paid plans.

Nobody loves language hindrance during a live chat. Customer support given in the native language makes businesses more familiar, relatable, and trustworthy to their customers. So, extract the most out of this handy feature and start building customer relationships that last long and remain fruitful.