It’s clear that local love is at the heart of everything that Brooklyn Bicycle Co. does. Their high-quality and yet affordable bicycles are designed with the intention that they’ll be used by the rider to explore their local community. Even their product names are inspired by city streets from the New York City borough that the brand calls home. 

This inspiring connection with their community, coupled with the unique and personalized shopping experience offered in their Shopify store, makes Brooklyn Bicycle Co. a favourite among bike enthusiasts and a winner of the Outstanding Shop Awards

Making shopping online a personal experience

When it comes to buying a bike online, many shoppers might feel out of their depth in terms of knowing what they need. Because of this, Brooklyn Bicycle Co. not only features informative product pages, but also a more personalized Bike Finder Quiz which asks shoppers a series of questions to help narrow down the type of product they’re looking for. This kind of service cleverly boosts conversions through education and hands-off customer service. 

“We are proudest of the feedback our customers share that their experience on our site was very easy and informative,” says Brooklyn Bicycle Co. president Ryan Zagata.

The brand’s current website is using a customized version of Out of the Sandbox’s Turbo theme. Zagata cites launching the brand on Shopify in 2013 as a milestone in the business’ history. 

“It opened up an entire ecosystem of add-on applications and connectors that have allowed us to grow our business,” says Zagata. 

When quality control meets innovation

Thinking out-of-the-box, Brooklyn Bicycle Co. has found a way to take their online brand and bring it into the communities of their customers: by enlisting the help of brick-and-mortar stores. 

When a customer buys a bike from Brooklyn Bicycle Co., the brand sends their bike to a brick-and-mortar bike shop in the customer’s area to then be professionally assembled and picked up by the customer, all at no extra cost. 

By partnering with local bike shops, Brooklyn Bicycle Co. is able to remain an online brand but still have hands-on quality control when it comes to assembling their products. Their innovative Buy and Ride program also brings in business to the local stores assembling their bikes, making it a great solution for everyone. 

Ask for help from the experts

When jumping into the world of ecommerce, Zagata advises fellow entrepreneurs to enlist the help of experts in the industry. 

“Find a good developer to partner with who can help make your vision a reality,” says Zagata. “There is a huge ecosystem around Shopify and finding the right partner to help navigate that ecosystem is critical.”

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