For Bryn Howlett, designing Boosted USA’s new online store wasn’t just a job, it was an extension of his passion for electric transportation. As an electric skateboarder himself, Howlett had been following Boosted USA, and their electric skateboards and scooters, since the beginning. When he was brought on to design their new Shopify store, Howlett knew exactly what the brand needed. 

Designing for product education

Electric transportation options like skateboards and scooters are known among enthusiasts as “last mile vehicles”, meaning they take you the last mile home from community and public transportation hubs. They are becoming more popular for this use, but converting customers who haven’t yet adopted this kind of technology was a unique challenge for Boosted USA.

Howlett knew that Boosted USA’s Shopify store had to provide education to customers about their products in an interesting but comprehensive way. This meant each product page needed more written copy than the average online store and long-form layout design. He artfully achieved both these features using Out of the Sandbox’s Flex theme. 

“We wanted long-form custom content for each product and the theme definitely helped with that by allowing easy-to-customize sections for each product,” says Howlett.

A true passion project

The California-based web designer believes that electric transportation is the future and truly enjoyed working with Boosted USA.

“I already had a great deal of passion for this technology so I had an awesome opportunity to build a site for a company that I have been following since the beginning,” says Howlett. 

Designing Boosted USA’s Shopify store presented the opportunity for Howlett to combine his interests: electric technology and web design. 

“Web design is my passion and I couldn't say that without thanking all of my amazing clients,” says Howlett. “As the years go by, I still feel like I learn something new everyday and that is one of my favorite parts about web design: technology is always changing.”

Life-long learning

Since launching his solo business in 2010, Howlett has experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship first-hand. The thing that has always carried him through and helped him find success is continued learning. 

“My worst clients taught me the most and now, after some adjustments in my processes, all customers are the best,” says Howlett.

He advises fellow designers to not be afraid to learn from their mistakes and use the opportunity to grow in a different direction.

“If you are not making any mistakes you are not pushing yourself hard enough,” says Howlett. “Always proactively make your process and work better. Don’t get comfortable or you won’t learn.”

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