Boost Black Friday sales with Web Push campaign

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is approaching, are you prepared to boost your sales? How to stand out in the crowd? Web push is a good choice to engage your audience during the shopping season.

Increase visibility

All merchants are creating email campaigns. It is too overwhelming for your customers to find your deal from the email inbox which is full of holiday offers.

Boost Black Friday sales with Web Push campaign

To stand out, simply increase your visibility with web push. First create your offers in web push channel with Automizely Messages. Messages will be delivered directly to customers' desktop or mobile lock screen. Shoppers would be notified just like getting a notification from a native mobile app. Once they click it, they would be sent back to your store front.

Flash sales

Flash sales are helpful to create a sense of urgency for shoppers. However, it’s hard to run flash sales in emails as you have no control once emails are sent. When customers happily click at the email link, your flash sales may end already. By the way, web push helps you properly run a flash sale.

Boost Black Friday sales with Web Push campaign

In Automizely Messages, you could schedule web push messages at a specific time. It means that all customers would receive a notification at the same time whenever your flash sales start. Moreover, the message 24-hour life time ensures that the message would be disappeared after the day of flash sale.

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