Announcing AfterShip's integration with Squarespace

We’re glad to announce the official integration of AfterShip with Squarespace. Connect Squarespace with AfterShip and delight customers with effortless shipment tracking right away! You can also find us at Squarespace extension store to find the free AfterShip app /plugin.

AfterShip is a shipment tracking platform for eCommerce businesses to improve the post-purchase customer experience.

Benefits of AfterShip's Squarespace extension

  • Streamline shipment trackingacross 670+ couriers worldwide
  • Manage shipments seamlesslyby unifying data across different carriers. Also, AfterShip auto-imports order information every three hours.
  • Improve shipment tracking experience for shoppers with acustomized AfterShip branded tracking page
  • Boost brand recognition by adding a logo & social media links to the branded tracking page
  • Reduce customer inquiries by sending branded order status notifications for different checkpoint statuses
  • Get an overview of shipping, notifications, and tracking page performance
  • Study customer behavior by calculating the number of visitors, session duration, and marketing clicks for branded tracking page
  • SimplifyAPI &Webhooks integration for developers

So, what are you waiting for?

Connect with AfterShip and start optimizing the shipment tracking process now!  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also introduced a Forever Free Plan.