Announcing AfterShip's integration with Appmaker

We are thrilled to announce AfterShip’s official integration with Appmaker. When the whole world is going mobile-first, give your customers the delight of tracking their shipments right from their smartphones. How? Connect your WooCommerce store to AfterShip. Install the Appmaker WooCommerce plugin and automatically activate AfterShip tracking in your native mobile app.

AfterShip is a shipment tracking software for growing eCommerce businesses to accelerate and enhance their after-sales customer experience.
Appmaker is a trusted native Android and iOS app builder for WooCommerce store owners to drive more sales and discoverability through a mobile application.

🤝 Benefits of Integrating Appmaker with AfterShip

  • Centralized shipment tracking across 700+ couriers worldwide including USPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, and China Post.
  • Birdseye view to the real-time tracking updates from multiple couriers for easy shipment management from the app.
  • Resolve delivery incidents faster with quick access to all the shipments in one place.
  • Give engaging order tracking experience to shoppers with a mobile responsive branded tracking page, easily accessible from the mobile app.
  • Increase brand awareness and upsell your customers by adding marketing assets, product recommendations, and social media links to the tracking page.
  • Reduce WISMO (Where is my order?) calls by keeping customers notified with automated push notifications for different delivery checkpoint statuses.

So, hurry up! ‍♀️ Get your Appmaker plugin for AfterShip WooCommerce Tracking today, and track your shipment through native Android and iOS mobile apps in a few clicks.