Announcing AfterShip Returns Center & FedEx Partnership

AfterShip Returns Center is glad to announce the launch of drop-off return packages service in partnership with FedEx US. This brings fast-growing online retailers one step closer to delivering seamless returns experience to customers. Customers can opt-in to drop off return parcels at particular FedEx offices or Walgreens stores by simply showing a QR code, without printing a label in advance.

Return Center + FedEx = Easy returns

While you may not be a fan of product returns, they are an effective way to convert returns into repurchases.

People are 2x more likely to shop from eCommerce stores that offer a hassle-free return experience.

Enable FedEx QR code in Returns Center and build customer loyalty by offering these benefits:

  • Delight customers with increased convenience - allow them to return parcels at FedEx office or Walgreens store closest to them
  • Increased flexibility - customers can show QR code to an associate and drop return parcels at dedicated FedEx offices or Walgreen locations
  • Reduce customer frustration- if customers are unable to print a label, they can use the QR code mentioned in shipping instructions

Quick setup at Returns Center

2 simple steps and you’ll be ready to offer convenient returns.

  1. Set up a Postmen FedEx account in Returns Center - FedEx drop off return packages service is currently available for the US
  2. Add FedEx QR code to shipping instructions - enable “Show FedEx QR code” option in Returns center. By default this option will be disabled.

Quick setup at Returns Center

Once a label is generated, QR code along with a tracking number is sent to customers via email notifications. Customers can then show this QR code to return at particular FedEx offices or Walgreens stores, without printing the return label in advance. Of course, customer can still print the label and drop off parcels at the FedEx locations as usual. Provide customers one more option for returns to drive customer satisfaction.

Announcing AfterShip Returns Center & FedEx Partnership

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