Announcing AfterShip + Gorgias integration: Uplift customer service right away

We are elated to announce AfterShip’s integration with Gorgias to resolve the “what, when, and where” of your customers seamlessly.

Both Gorgias and AfterShip came together to offer remarkable customer service and hassle-free experience for their customers. The partnership will pave the way for quick resolution of customer queries/issues and naturally bring down the WISMO calls.

Just to give you a brief background, AfterShipis a leading shipment tracking solution made for online retailers to track and trace their online orders right from inception to fulfillment at a single place. The core objective is to deliver an unparalleled post-purchase tracking experience to the customers.

Gorgias, on the other hand, is an ecommerce helpdesk or ticketing platform that helps independent ecommerce brands turn their support center into a profit center. It gives a holistic view of your customers and ensures fast and personalized support.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of this integration and why it is relevant for your business.

Achieve a lot more with this integration?

  • Organize huge volumes of customer requests in a centralized manner - The integration willcatalog all your incoming support queries and thereby reduces the likelihood of customer requests going unanswered/unresolved
  • Automated workflow and management -Itmakes it easy to prioritize tickets according to a set of rules and define the order in which tickets should be addressed to ensure an efficient and timely resolution
  • Maintain customer service standards -You can maintain high customer service standards by providing them clarity about when to expect a response. Also, it helps the support team ensure they work forward and always keep the service standards high
  • Maintain the context of former customer communications -Get access to all the records of past customer interactions. It gives the support all the information needed to give customers a seamless service experience
  • Efficient team collaboration -Agents can easily transfer or escalate tickets to their senior teammates and seamlessly work together to help resolve issues faster
  • Track a variety of KPIs and valuable service metrics -Allows tracking a variety of KPIs/customer service metrics like ticket volume, ticket resolution time, channel usage, agent activity, productivity, etc., to optimize your service operations

How to integrate Gorgias with AfterShip?

Wondering how to integrate Gorgias with your AfterShip? Here is a self-explanatory step-by-step process to get you going:

  • Go to the REST API settings of your Gorgias account and get the Gorgias Identity info
Announcing AfterShip + Gorgias integration: Uplift customer service right away
  • Copy the data of Base API URL, Username and Password (API Key)
  • Go to the Gorgias app page in your AfterShip account and paste your copied information in the right fields one by one
Announcing AfterShip + Gorgias integration: Uplift customer service right away
  • Click on ‘Connect’ to finish the procedure

If you need further help, our help article will guide you through the complete procedure.

Buckle up your customer support and turn it into a profit center

WISMO inquiries can dampen your operations, especially when you can spend that time handling more critical issues. Integrating these two applications will pave the way for matching the capabilities and functionality of professional ticketing and resolve the “what, when, and where” of your customers seamlessly.

So, extract the best out of this integration by improving your customers' overall buying experience and keeping those WISMO calls to a minimum.

You can also try AfterShip 14-day trial for free, no credit card is required.