AfterShip’s In-transit SMS notifications: An Easier Way to Win Customer Loyalty

“For e-commerce, the most important thing is trust.”  — Jack Ma

Unarguably, e-commerce companies have overshadowed brick-and-mortar businesses in terms of profit and customer base. But it is worthy to note that the future of online brands heavily depends on how long they are going to keep customer trust and loyalty.    

‘Can you guess the factor that keeps customers loyal to e-commerce brands?’

  • Heavy discounts
  • A wide range of products
  • A user-friendly website with a lot of payment options

Of course, all these things matter to customers, but the factor that keeps them loyal for ages is, ‘How well you communicate with them post sales’.

‘A lousy customer service’ and ‘Inaccurate order notifications’ are the two main reasons why online brands fail to retain customers in the long run.  

Here, bringing AfterShip into business operations could be a wise decision because it not only lets you track your shipments effortlessly but also allows you to send in-transit SMS notifications to customers for free 🤘

Advantages that SMS notifications bring to the table:

  • Swiftness:SMS notifications reach quickly as compared to email ones as they don’t rely on the internet.
  • Better reach:SMS notifications ensure an amazing open rate as people check their text messages instantly or within a couple of minutes, while order update emails often go unread.
  • No time sinks:Text notifications don’t want you to be creative, unlike email ones. This lets you skip all unnecessary hassle and save plenty of time for other crucial activities.

How can I enable free in-transit SMS notifications on AfterShip?

It’s super easy!

Just keep these two steps in mind:

  • Go to the ‘Notifications’ tab after logging into your AfterShip account.
  • Look for ‘IN TRANSIT’under the “Content and events”section and then hit on the ‘Enable SMS’button.
AfterShip’s In-transit SMS notifications: An Easier Way to Win Customer Loyalty

For more information, please go to our help center.

Start sending in-transit SMS notifications for free now!