We treat AfterShip like our baby, and every day we look at the number of shipping notifications we send out, we feel excited and proud. Today, we reached 300K notifications since launched in March, 2012, and 100K notifications were sent in the past month!

Here's the growth of AfterShip's notification number in 2012:

  • 40,000  15 May
  • 100,000 12 Jul
  • 200,000 12 Oct (system maintenance in Nov)
  • 300,000 18 Dec

Merchants from eBay, Shopify and Magento love using our service to keep their customers informed of the delivery updates - clearing the customers' worries about order status - learn more about AfterShip notifications.  Do you know that AfterShip's email notification has a high open rate of 42%? AfterShip also helps merchants to track all their shipments automatically, and notify merchants when there are any shipping exceptions.

We want to take this chance to thank you our customers for the great feedback and support, especially those which continue to support us during our system maintenance period.