AfterShip was found in 2011 Nov, while I met Andrew and Dante (another co-founders) in the HK Startup Weekend HK.

At that time AfterShip was only an idea, an idea that to help all online merchants to track, monitor their shipments, and notify their customers.

We hope to solve the merchant's customer service pain, make their customer happy and increase their customer loyalty.

Today, after 18 months of development, with few major changes in our system design.

We are pround to announce that AfterShip leave the beta and going to a stable, scalable and is a great product, which is using by over 2,000 online merchants worldwide.

We need to thank you for all the merchants, who accept our faults, such as ugly UI deisgn, slow server response, lots of other fault that most new startup met.

We thank you for oyur patient, thank you for your comments and the most important is, thank you for using AfterShip.

We need the tracking number, need your voice feedback, so that we can fix the bugs, improve our site UI design.

The AfterShip is built for online merchants, that's what we want to do.