AfterShip APIs adding four new fields

Today we are adding four new fields into AfterShip API (POST/trackings and GET/trackings) together at our webhooks response to prepare for the new features we are launching:

  • order_promised_delivery_date (string, YYYY-MM-DD)
  • delivery_type (string, enum)
    a. pickup_at_store
    b. pickup_at_courier
    c. door_to_door
  • pickup_location (string)
  • pickup_note (string)

Users can start sending those additional fields for each shipment. The future features will allow users to:

  1. Find out late shipments
  2. Generate on-time status report
  3. Notify customers based on on-time status
  4. Display pickup location and notes at tracking page / notification

You can find detailed documentation and sample payload at our API documentation and webhooks documentation.