After doing all performance reviews and setting OKR (objectives and key results) with the teams, we have finally confirmed the key goals for AfterShip in the coming three months.

We now have 3 backend engineer teams, 1 frontend engineer, 1 UI/UX team, 1 Technical Consultant team which can make things happen faster and better. In this quarter, we have decided to:

  1. Design AfterShip API v5 (now v4)
  2. Launch and update 4 store connectors
  • ShipStation
  • WIX
  • SquareSpace
  • OpenCart (update)
  1. Support 12 new couriers in AfterShip (now 335)
  2. Developers to resolve any courier's integration bugs promptly (instead of waiting customers to report)
  3. Revamp the AfterShip website design and make it mobile responsive!
  4. Ticket response time within 24 hours during weekday

So exciting for the coming quarter! I will talk about the importance of setting OKR and performance reviews in the coming blog post.