6 Retail Brands That Nail Social Media Marketing Ideas for Christmas Holidays

Christmas is a great time to engage with clients. But this is also when competition for attention is the fiercest. To help you get into the best form this Christmas we revisited 6 brands that nailed it in past holiday seasons.

As a company, you want to maximize awareness for your brand. Keeping your brand relevant and at the tips of everyone's tongue. When done right, social media can help build traction and drive up your sales.
6 Retail Brands That Nail Social Media Marketing Ideas for Christmas Holidays

Ted Baker - #TedsElfie

People are naturally inquisitive. Integrate that into your social media platform accompanied by classy yet quirky imagery and you’ve got yourself a winning campaign.

Ted Baker played into the festive mood of fun and celebration with their #TedsElfie campaign. The ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ in search for lost elves provided audiences with a personalized experience.

While users can win prizes on the way, the campaign is so engaging that you are drawn into participating regardless. Attracting 14.5k competition entries, and over 37k interactions, this 2014 Instagram stunt made headlights on key publications.

6 Retail Brands That Nail Social Media Marketing Ideas for Christmas Holidays

York Dale - Fashion Santa

While #TedsElfie is a great way to increase traffic over social media, not every successful campaign has to be as excessive. Take a look at York Dale for example, a shopping centre in Toronto.

York Dale generated quite that stir with the introduction of Fashion Santa. The concept is simple really.

  • Take a selfie with Fashion Santa
  • Post it on social media with #YorkdaleFashionSanta

And with every photo, York Dale will donate $1 to the Sick Kids Foundation.

Yes! Even celebrities hopped on board to participate.

Lagavulin - Yule Log

Can sitting quietly for 45 minutes get your brand noticed? Apparently it can.

Last year, Lagavulin recreated the traditional Yule Log. In this video, Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation) accompanied by the Lagavulin whiskey sits silently as the fireplace burns in the background.

This unique combination documented on Youtube captured the attention of many. The odd experience also acts as a great conversation starter as it plays in the background during Christmas.

GBK - Bah Humburger Jumper

What to do when you don’t want to hire a celebrity? Create your own hero!

With everyone digging out their favorite jumper during the Christmas season, Gourmet Burgers Kitchen (GBK) decided to give out free ‘Bah Humburger’ jumpers to the first 50 customers to order their new special.

Starbucks - Red Cups

Visibility and anticipation are key to a successful social media campaign.

Even if you are not one for coffee, by now you should be familiar with the Starbucks Red Cups. Starbucks started this festive tradition of Christmas cups back in 1997 and has continued every since.

Using Instagram as the primary platform, they challenged consumers to create festive decorations with the new cup and post photos of their creation over social media.

Breaking tradition with a plain red cup design, Starbucks caused quite the controversy. Catching attention of famous talk-show hosts including [Ellen Degeneres ](https://youtu.be/TJyfQS3Pb9g/" target="_blank), and [Stephen Colbert](https://youtu.be/ypFGaW4eXj0/" target="_blank). Even leading online entertainment company, [College Humour ](https://youtu.be/R3olh9whP98/" target="_blank) chimed in the hype.

Topshop - #DearTopshop

Competitions work! The competitive edge motivate participation.

Also, think of ideas that utilizes the nature of the platform to it's advantage. #DearTopshop does exactly that.

Topshop asked customers to create a board dedicated to "your perfect Christmas day or Holiday party" using photos from their site. Participants had a chance of winning special giveaways and also tickets to a Fashion Week show.

What was great about this campaign was that is encouraged people to familiarize with the different products the store carried. Increasing visibility and desire through exposure to their many offers.

6 Retail Brands That Nail Social Media Marketing Ideas for Christmas Holidays

What is your approach this Christmas season? Share with us your social media marketing strategy for this holiday season for a possible feature article on our blog!

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