3 AfterShip updates for faster shipment management

AfterShip is the #1 shipment tracking tool for eCommerce businesses to provide the best-in-class post-purchase customer experience. AfterShip integrates with multiple eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, eBay, WooCommerce, and many others easily. With AfterShip, you can seamlessly track shipments across UPS, USPS, FedEx, and 740+ other worldwide couriers.

Read on to find out more about AfterShip updates.

#1 Shipment count for each delivery status

See at a glance the total number of shipments corresponding to each shipment status right at the top of the Shipments dashboard.

3 AfterShip updates for faster shipment management
AfterShip: You can get the shipment count corresponding to each delivery status


  • Increased efficiency: you can find the required shipments faster.
  • Reduce delivery incidents: easily find the number of exception shipments and work to resolve them faster.

#2 Sort thousands of shipments quickly

Ecommerce merchants deal with thousands of shipments in a day. AfterShip’s smart “Sort by” drop-down list helps you to sort through your shipments easily.

3 AfterShip updates for faster shipment management
AfterShip: Sort shipments quickly

AfterShip sort-by options

  • Order title: you can sort the order title in ascending or descending order.
  • Last event: shipments can be arranged based on the latest or oldest checkpoint event.
  • Created: you can choose to display the most recent or the oldest shipments first.


  • Enhanced visibility: you can efficiently group multiple shipments in one go.
  • Saves time: after sorting shipments, you can apply filters and quickly find the required shipments.

#3 Get more shipment information from the dashboard

Want to have a quick look at shipment details? You can now get information like courier’s name, latest checkpoint event, creation date, expected delivery date, details about delivery status, and the number of days a shipment has been or was in transit right from the dashboard.

3 AfterShip updates for faster shipment management
AfterShip: You can view more shipment information at the dashboard now

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